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The following is a partial list of what we have for sale. We have five acres of parts. Our inventory changes daily. Call us today- we will either have what you need or know where to find it.


New and Used Truck Parts

Rear Axle Assemblies & Components

Front Axle Assemblies & Components

Differentials & Components

Transmissions & Components

Engines & Components- gas or diesel

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Glass & Interior Parts

Call us for any part that is found on a truck


• Complete Rear Axle Assembly For 2008 or Newer F-450 Or F-550 Model S-10 or 11 Ratio with Tositraction, New Take Offs, 10 lug wheel- - $1400 Differential Only $800

• Spicer Model 80 Rear Axle Assembly F-350 Many Different Numbers in stock used complete axle assembly $750-$1250- Wheels Seperate

• Model 80HD Rear Axle Assemblies for F-450 assorted ratios $900- will part out

• Good running 6.0 engine Ford Truck $2500 Exchange 30 Day Warranty

• Good used 6.4 Ford engine or 08 F-350 30 Day Warranty $3500 exchange

• 6.4-6.0 for Truck parts please call us for your needs.

• TA-CO8 124127 used cutout $750

• FS 4006B TA-678011755 cutout $500

• For transmission model FS 005A GM application $500 cutouts

• Tag number 606523-1 410 Ratio $900 Good used complete

• Tag number 606728-2ls ford number 3c4bb 410 Ratio $1000

• Tag Number 606726-2ls ford number 3c34eb 410 posy used takeout $1000

• Tag number 2002713-3 ford number 6c24-bb 456 Ratio used takeout $1000

• Tag number 2001006-1 ford number sc34-av 373 ratio $1000

• 2001906-3 ford number 5c34gf 430 used takeout $1000

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